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Divaagar Natarajan & Abarnaa

22th May, 2013

KK site made the perfect connection by making us meet. It’s a great platform for kammavar naidu partner search...It’s surprising that we were de...

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Karthick Balaji & Subha

20th May, 2013

Kammavarkalyanamalai.com played a huge part in us getting together...Searched a lot and found her and a proposal was sent immediately and the respons...

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Duwaragai rajan & Jayalakshmi

16th May, 2013

Thanks a lot our Kamma community Matrimony site for helping me find my life partner. We really benefited from all the services provided by you. That...

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Anandha krishnan & Lakshmi

21th April, 2013

After going through so many matrimony profiles, we decided to go for our Naidu community website Kammavarkalyanamalai.com. We found Anandha krishna...

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Parthasarathy & Radha

9th June, 2011

I got my life partner through the Kammavar Kalyanamalai, now we both are happy to say, the opportunity which we get from Kammavar Kalyanamalai.com he...

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Anandhbabu & Sathyabama

18th May, 2012

It's something u can really trust. I got my life partner from this site. To be very frank, I am too happy with the results. Best of Luck to others. Gr...

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Radha krishnan & Mahalakshmi

21th June, 2012

I heartily thank Kammavar Kalyanamalai.com to give me such a wonderful lovable and caring partner as well as the family. it was in 2012 we send a re...

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Radha krishnan & Kalavathi

23th November, 2012

Marriages are made in heaven.....This is true and I have started believing this only after I have met her through your website. Thank you very much f...

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