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Sureshkumar & Ramya

3th April, 2015

Thanks to the Kammavar Kalyanamalai team for providing a platform for people like us to progress as family.my profile on Kammavar Kalyanamalai during...

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Prabhu & Navodaya

29th March, 2015

Thank you Kammavar Kalyanamalai for helping me find the right partner for the rest of my life. Becoming a paid member and completing the profile help...

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Pradeep & Mithra Rubinya

22th March, 2015

We met through kalyanamalai site and found soul mates in each other. After some months we shared our feelings with our parents and fortunately both t...

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Ragunath & Soorya

9th March, 2015

As simple as it may seem, finding a good match if you have not already found one on your own is not easy. Kammavar Kalyanamalai helped me in finding...

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Sridhar & Asmitha

1th March, 2015

Me and She we met each other through each other. Though we are very close relatives of each other still we were not aware about it.Just because of yo...

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Jeyvenkatesh & Priya

9th February, 2015

I was wondering if I could find a guy of my dream on Kammavar Kalyanamalai, but after creating profile within a week I received few likable proposals...

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Ravisankar & Jeyasudha

27th November, 2014

It was through matrimony I was able to get the perfect partner. It was a great help for me. Being an Kammavar, Kammavarkalyanamalai provided all sort...

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Mahendran & Seethalakshmi

10th November, 2014

We're so happy to inform you that we found a good partner for our son. The search features helped in getting the perfect daughter in law for us from...

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